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02.09.2019 13:23

Námskeið: ISO/IEC 17025:2017 - "From theory to practice"

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It is our great pleasure to announce the International Master Class on implementation of ISO/IEC 17025:2017 – „From theory to practice”. It will be held in Brussels from 25 to 27 of November 2019.

This International Master Class will on the one hand bring together laboratory personnel who are responsible for the implementation, maintenance, improvement and operation of the laboratory management system, with experienced international trainers. They will discuss and most importantly investigate how to apply the revised international standard ISO/IEC 17025.

Similar classes were organised in April 2018 in Zagreb and in December 2018, April 2019, June 2019 in Brussels, with participants from many different countries sharing and discussing their issues and experiences.

The focus of this three-day event will be the practical application of the new standard. The intention is to have a very interactive course, with problem based learning. Participants will leave with knowledge and skills to get from theory into practical application and to discover the most cost effective way to adapt the standard to their organisation. They will also have an opportunity to discuss with the trainers and their peers on their very specific issues they are struggling with.

We look forward to seeing you in Brussels in November 2019!